What can we do for you?

We are able to offer a comprehensive service that will cover every aspect of the responsibilities that you have as a food operator, whether this be a restaurant, hotel, cafe, takeaway, pub or even a shop or supermarket that sells foodstuffs to the public. If you sell food then your food hygiene standards have to be good.

Presently the awarding of these standards is limited to each Environmental Health Officer's (EHO) assessment of your premises and grading it accordingly, there is no obligation for you to make your rating public by putting it up prominently in your shop window. However, you may not realise that your rating is also uploaded to the Food Standards Agency's 'Scores on the Doors' website, potentially you could be losing business without even knowing it. If that wasn't enough, in Wales it is compulsory to display the rating that has been given and, as a result, is likely to soon become compulsory in England as well.

The Services we offer

One-off site visit

We will come to your site and check everything that you would ordinarily see the EHO reviewing - if you have a copy of your report handy then we can see if anything has been put into place since their last visit and advise when they are likely to return.

This visit will include:

  • HACCP - Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point
    • Cross Contamination - the hygienic conditions of the food area and staff
    • Cleaning - effective measures in place
    • Chilling - correct procedures and effective temperatures
    • Cooking - correct procedures and effective temperatures
    • Management - of the above and staff training
    • Diary - record keeping
  • COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
    • What do you do that involves hazardous substances?
    • How can these cause harm?
    • How can you reduce the risk of harm occurring?
    • Control Measures, Monitoring and Training
    • Emergency Stratergy
Once the visit has been concluded a report will be emailed to you with suggestions and advice on the items that need to be changed or improved in order to increase your rating.

Please ask for a free, no obligation quotation for your premises. A £50 or 50% deposit is required, whichever is the larger, before the visit commences. We accept BACS, cheque or cash and an invoice will be issued as soon as a date is arranged for the site visit. The balance of the invoice will need to be paid before the report is released to you.

Regular on-going review visits

We are also able to come to your premises at regular intervals suitable to you. This service suits those clients who simply don't have as much time available to oversee their responsibilities. We take the worry on for you, making sure that all of the record keeping is up to date, that members of staff have the right levels of training and keep an on any potential maintenance issues.

Prices for reviews are available on application. Payment will be required by standing order before the first visit takes place.

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